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Консултант по обща, горно-интестинална, лапароскопска и бариатрична хирургия в Кралската болница / Northern General/ - Шефийлд, Великобритания


January 2012             IFOS Member up to now

January 2011             AUGIS/BOMSS Membership up to now

January 2010             AUGIS -Full Gastro member up to now

January 2008             Euro NOTES Membership up to now

January 1999             EAES Membership up to now

January 2014             Faculty of Royal College of Surgeons / Eng/


CAREER STATEMENT               

I am hard-working, dedicated and reliable individual with extensive clinical and medical experience. Throughout my career I have maintained a patient focused approach that has proven successful over the years. Having worked as a part of numerous multidisciplinary teams, I have developed my team-working and communications skills to a higher standard. I have the ability to maintain a balance between being a team player and the ability to take responsibility and make decisions. I consider myself a fast learner and would like to gain experience in working with doctors from other specialities as well as share my own experience. I believe my clinical knowledge and expertise, coupled with my experience in teaching junior doctors, middle grades surgical registrars and nurses would be an asset to any department. I am keen on innovations and application of good medical practices in my work and professional development.


I appreciate the importance of my continuing professional development and have undertaken a number of different activities to increase my medical and surgical experience. These have included:

  • Attendance of development courses
  • Participation in multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Performing audits and presentations
  • Involvement in teaching of Junior and middle grade doctors


Лекар - хирургия
, София, България, ул. Драговица 9

Специалист по Обща, лапароскопска и метаболитна хирургия. Работи предимно вув Великобритания. Оперира веднъж на 2 месеца в България Болниц Вита, София.

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Коремна хирургия


Коремна хирургия


Certificate of Good Standing
2012-01-01 - 2012-01-01

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