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For a period of five years I have gained knowledge of all aspects of pharmaceutical industry.
I fulfilled my responsibilities as medical representative whilst expanding my knowledge in therapeutics significantly with a focus on my career development within pharmaceutical sales .
My expertise covers different TAs(mainly in Endocrinology,Cardiology,Rheumatology and GP) with proven business track record.

I have extensive experience in executing projects and effectively planning whilst delivering results in compliant manner . Throughout my career, I have been involved in internal trainings and projects, which I find vital for my understanding of pharmaceutical industry . I have a good understanding of pharmaceutical industry and valuable experience in pharmaceutical sales with tremendous interest in digital marketing.


Старши специалист биотехнологични продукти
1680, София, България, Ул. "Казбек" № 63, ет. 5, Бизнес Център Виридиан
Медицински представител
1000, София, България, Бул."Цар Освободител"14
Медицински представител
1000, София, България, Ул."Софийски герой"1


2011 - 2015
Медицинска биология
Пловдивски Университет
2017 - 2018
Репродуктивна биология
Пловдивски Университет

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