Проект за пчелите 'Why not bees'' в Полша с българско участие

Проект за пчелите 'Why not bees'' в Полша с българско участие

В проекта 'Why not bees'' project в Ruciane-Nida, Northeast Poland, се впуснаха 5 наши младежи. Партньор от българска страна бе „Диабет и предиабет“.


Проектът събра в Полша млади хора от 3 държави, които разгледаха бъдещето на пчелите от екологична и икономическа гледна точка. Проектът се осъществи благодарение на подкрепата на Програма “Еразъм+”. 

По време на проекта бе направена оценка на нагласите на младите хора към екологичните ценности по принцип

Bulgarian, Poland and Croatian groups with an age range of 17-27 took part in the Polish project ''Why not bees''. There we were welcomed warmly by students from the Forestry school there and told us all about the bees.

Aiming to inform more about these wonderful creatures, without whom pollination would be extremely hard, the program of the project was filled with informal learning classes, working with the hives, gardening and showing our work during the week to the locals.

We met Krzysztof Zamojski, still in high school he was our encyclopedia inside the life of bees. Being a beehive keeper himself, he knew his important role and mission in fighting with bee extinction.

Brought us lots of fun to do things we never did - one of which was making candles our of beeswax. It was like Christmas - you did not know what would come out of the form.

People love the sweet miod (pl.) that is made from the pszczoły, but the bees them self are not that fond of us people. 

Although the risk - there was no chance to miss this great experience which most of the people that live in the city haven't been through.

We had hot day in the city center, but our spirit didn't fall. With big thanks to our great Polish friends that made it all happen very well.


The locals enjoyed listening about the little working creatures. Some people can melt the wax only with the warmth of their hearts!