Тренинг за младежки работници в Кипър с българско участие

Тренинг за младежки работници в Кипър с българско участие

Тренинг на NECI Cyprus

Двама наши представители участваха в тренинг в Кипър за младежки работници. По-късно Радостина и Бойко проведоха два ивента за разпространение на резултатите в София.

Ето какво сподели Радостина след тренинга. I consider myself as a very socially oriented person. I can say I am aware of the existing problems around me but this training course opened my eyes even more and furthered my knowledge about social inclusion. Factor X was one of the most important things for me, personally.

I learned that there are different aspects of social inclusion besides culture. I also learned that we cannot force inclusion on anybody. It is a process of cooperation and collaboration, and most importantly, it's optional and depends on the free will of the individual. We shouldn't impose this on people. What we can do is show them and inform them, but people have to decide for themselves. Another thing that I learned from was the 7 steps of social inclusion.

I learned that there is a long way to go before we get to it. We should first learn about the culture, implement it in policies and then put culture in practice. The simulation "At the borders" helped me see things from both perspectives - the asylum seekers and the staff in the office- and realize it's not easy for either of them. "Word cafe" gave me ideas for practical things that I could do when I go back to Bulgaria - ways to raise awareness about the existing problems.

On the other hand I expanded my knowledge for other countries - their culture, traditions and way of life - mainly Spain, Greece and Romania. My experience at the refugee camp You could never be fully aware of something until you came face to face with it. I have to admit that before this training course I had slightly negative attitude towards refugees. Maybe it was subconscious, as a result of the "news" and the way the government presented the situation. All we hear is that they are violent and take our money and are a burden to the country. At the camp my perspective changed - I saw their point of view. I saw how easy it is for your life to change and to never be the same again. Those people deserve a chance just as much as we do. I think more people should visit such places and inform themselves of the truth.