Follow-up активности за проекта Let it be 2

Follow-up активности за проекта Let it be 2

Several follow-up activities after mobility in Hungary about peer-supervision in Sofia were held. In this meetings and several dissemination events Young people and youth workers were aware of the principles of peer-supervision.

So, the specialists of peer-supervision in our country are 5 yet. Experts and NGO staff in Bulgaria that were targeted in these meetings and trainings, were from the social NGOs and NGOs in field of healthcare, human rights, youth NGOs. Several one-day trainings were held, in them have participated 20 participants. The trainings took place in English.

The aim of supervision is professional-oriented personality development, exploring togeth-er the personal and group’s working optimum and reinforce personal and group’s efficien-cy.

Supervision is the most efficient tool of self-reflective competence development in the XXI century. The supervisor is the impartial professional „outsider”, who focuses on strengths and im-provement during the discussions.

The supervisor is paying attention, listening, asking and reflecting without judging; motivating for self-knowledge process and professional devel-opment, offers new points of view; does not give direct advices, but gives inspiration for thinking on new ways and solutions.

The method of peer group supervision allows development of human capital of NGOs, implementing higher quality of youth work and support the daily work of the professionals youth workers.

The follow-up activities help people targeted in trainings to improve attitudes and skills and to develop self-confidence, leadership skills, organizational skills, sense of initiative, respect for boundaries, communicational fle-xibility, interpersonal flexibility, ability to establish and keep emotional connection, coope-ration, result-oriented planning and execution, ability to evaluate, critical and solution-oriented way of thinking, analytical thinking, ability to react properly.