Avoid hate с българско участие в Австрия

Avoid hate с българско участие в Австрия

Проект за антирасизъм с наше участие беше проведен в Австрия. Участваха 6 наши младежи, а Теодора Маркова беше помощник-тренер на проекта и се справи блестящо.

Всички наши участници работиха активно по време на всички уъркшопи и се включваха във всички игри. Намериха приятели. За повечето това беше пръв проект и всички споделиха, че няма да бъде последен.

The purpose of this exchange is to encourage tolerance among youngsters, to prevent hate speech, to provide tools to recognice rasism and radicalization and to understand how they accur, what are the dangers that arise by them.

Rasism is a serious contemporary problem in EU according to the statement by the Council of Europe Anti-Racism Commission on the current humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean and according to many situations that we are watching around us recently.

Radicalization is connected to the rasism and is a rapidly changing phenomenon whose forms have a global importance.

The destructive dimensions of violent extreme radicalization have become dramatically tangible in Europe, they are serious challenges for all European societies.

This project addresses the question of how the processes of radicalization of youth can be recognized and preserved.

Youth are the group in high risk of radicalization, having in mind that the main ideas of rasism and radicalization can be easy distributed through social media, media, publication, etc.

Preventing the rasism thinking and avoiding the radicalization will be possible with involving of local communities, as well as hard work of youth workers and institutions.

The aim of this project is to focus on the dangers of youth, groups and communities, especially those young people who are vulnerable, marginalised socially excluded, frustrated, dissatisfied and unrealized - professionally, personally, socially.

The objectives of the project are:

-to promote and encourage tolerance, to give the youngstersts better understanding about labeling towards migrants, refugees and marginalised groups.

The project and the follow-up activities will influence on the local youth communities, and will have wide positive effect on local, national and international level young people, their communities and families. 

The project promotes youth mobility and social inclusion in youth communities, democracy and tolerance, intercultural learning. 

The project shows up what are the opportunities in front of the young people in Erasmus + Program and in taking part in international projects. 

The project aims to promote activities, which are meant to increase youth activity. All NGOs are encouraged to be more open for new ideas and methods and to be ready to work with different target groups.

The influence of the project will be that NGOs would find ways to give the opportunity to young people to interact and exchange information and ideas, to know each other, better understanding of the different cultures.

It will give chance to young people from different countries to meet different nations and cultures, to expand their horizon about the national characteristics and cultural differences.

The project promotes understanding, democracy and establishment of international contacts and implementation of international projects. It will be promoted cooperation, building a network of youth organizations with sustainable partnership and future joint projects.