Diabetes and pregnancy

Diabetes and pregnancy

Т1 DM or Т2DM, before pregnancy

Screening for undiagnosed T1 DM or T2DM at the first prenatal visit in women with high risk for diabetes:
¡BMI ≥30kg/m2 and additional risk factors ;
¡History for GDM or macrosomic baby with weight >4 kg;
¡High levels of HbA1c ≥5,7% ;
¡Elavated fasting glucose/ Elavated postprandial glucose/Impaired glucose tolerance;
¡Dyslipidemia, hypertonia ;
¡Age > 35 y.

Diagnosis Diabetes Mellitus is confirmed  in early pregnancy  if:
¡fasting plasma glucose ≥7 mmol/L or
¡postprandial glucose ≥11,1 mmol/L , or measured at 2- nd  hour during ОGTT (using WHO criteria) or
¡HbA1C ≥6,5% (DCCT standart)


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