Кое е по-различно във Великобритания относно диагностиката и лечението спрямо Covid-19?

Guidance for doctors

Following new guidance from Public Health England (PHE) we can now clarify how long patients who have been admitted with COVID-19 are regarded as infectious for.

Inpatients can be regarded as no longer infectious when BOTH of the below criteria are satisfied:

1.      14 days have passed from the date of the first positive SARS-CoV-2 test (not from symptom onset as we previously advocated)


2.      One negative test has been performed at least eight days after the positive test (ideally wait around 12 to 14 days).

Please note that this is different to the period that those who are not admitted to hospital are regarded as infectious for by PHE (seven days from symptom onset and no need for negative swab). This is because inpatients are more likely to have had severe disease and therefore to be infectious for longer.

The full guidance is much more complex and is available here.

For complex individual cases, where there is concern a patient may still be infectious, advice could be sought from an infectious diseases physician or microbiologist.


The importance of social distancing

Can we remind all staff of the importance of social distancing on site wherever possible. Government advice is to stay two metres (6ft) away from other people.  Please note this includes during ward huddles, meetings and breaks.


Guidance for new type of gown

As previously briefed, our current gown use is extremely high which has resulted in variation of the type of gown that has been delivered to trusts across the country.

This means you may see supplies of gowns delivered to specific areas in the trust that are significantly different to what you are used to. They are “step into” gowns with a front zip and hood.

Donning and doffing guidance for the new type of gown is now available on the intranet.

Please note that Public Health England PPE guidance has not changed, therefore the use of the hood is optional.

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