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What are the six NHS Values and what is their purpose?

There is a total of six NHS values, and these are: WORKING TOGETHER FOR PATIENTS, which means working collaboratively with all NHS staff and others to provide a brilliant service to patients. RESPECT AND DIGNITY, which is treating people right, treating them fairly and also making sure your respect them at all times. A COMMITMENT TO QUALITY OF CARE is all about making sure you are totally focused on provided high quality care that encompasses all NHS guidelines, policies and operational practices. COMPASSION is about showing understanding and consideration for people’s feelings and their situation. IMPROVING LIVES is about working together to help people lead better lives through care and education; and finally, EVERYONE COUNTS means the NHS is focused on providing the same treatment and care to everybody, regardless of their situation, background or circumstances. The purpose of the NHS values is simply to make you sure the organisation and its people provide the best possible care for patients at all times.

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