Започна 23-ият конгрес по дерматология и венерология в Амстердам

Президентът на европейската академия Jana Hercogová приветства специалисти от цял свят. Форумът продължава до 12 октомври

Welcome to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a wonderful city which was founded around the 13th century by fishermen a small village to be protected by a dam by the river Amste. On October 27, 1275 for the first time the name “Amstelledamme” was mentioned on a document signed by the count of Holland, Floris V. The golden century of Amsterdam was the 1585-1672 and then the golden and silver age for Amsterdam was in the years 1672-1795. After 1785 till 1813, recession and decline affected the glorious Amsterdam, but after 1813 a new life brought Amsterdam to become the present splendid city which we are going to enjoy during the EADV 23rd congress. We have already had the chance and the privilege to enjoy the exciting Amsterdam in 1999, when the EADV celebrated its 8th annual congress. The history of Amsterdam is a summary of many histories: humble origin, growth till a golden era, decline and renaissance.

Our EADV is presently in its early age, the age of growth, enthusiasm and visionary projects. I feel privileged to have been elected as President of the EADV in this very moment of its history of flourishing activities and expansions.

Now, the EADV is naturally developing into a pan-European association representing dermatovenereologists from countries with many different languages, traditions and histories. It will not be easy to conjugate the aspirations of the dermatologist coming from recent problematic situations “wars, financial crisis, revolutions” with their role of fully engaged members of the EADV.

The brilliant life of the EADV is in front of us. We all are asked to serve with a loyalty and enthusiasm our Academy and to bring our contribution for increasing the level of education in dermatovenereology at the highest level in each and every European country. I hope that a rotation of Presidents and Officers from North, South, East, West and central Europe will assure the full representation of the different scientific communities which are facing with different problems and educations. We will meet again in Amsterdam to celebrate the latest development in our discipline. Do not miss this opportunity.

Welkom in Amsterdam!

Jana Hercogová
EADV President