Innovative method for individual training in laparoscopic surgery for young surgeons and students (ПОСТЕР)

Постерът е представен на Конгреса по ендоскопска хирургия в Букурещ

На Конгреса по ендоскопска хирургия в Букурещ на Европейската асоциация. Темата на постера е метод за рационализация на тренажор за обучение на специализанти в ендоскопска хирургия. В последните години тя навлиза все повече и при лечението на онкологични заболявания.

The goal of modern medicine is to provide the best treatment option for maximum comfort and quality of life of the patients. Recently, there is a tendency of applying mini-invasive methods to reduce social and economic consequences of treatment. Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive method with proven advantages, compared to conventional surgery, such as less post-operative infections, smaller need of pain relief and shorter recovery time of patients. Laparoscopic surgery is a proven method of choice in oncology even in cases of large-volume surgery. Several studies, like COLOR II, confirmed oncological security and safety of laparoscopic surgery. From a technical point of view, the basic techniques of laparoscopic surgery are significantly different from those of conventional surgery. Work in two-dimensional environment, the different sense, technique of handling tools and applying basic techniques in surgery (knot typing, stitching, ligation etc.) require adequate hands-on preparation.

Постерът е представен на Конгрес по лапароскопска хирургия в Букурещ през юни 2015 г. Вижте прикачения файл. 

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