About Pathogenesis оf The Vaccine Mumps Meningitis

Abstract from Fourth National Congress of Virology with International Participation /Days of Virology in Bulgaria Sofia, May 18th - 20th, 2016

Hristo Odisseev

National Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Sofia

Meningeal reactions are common with mumps patients. It is considered that such reactions are due to the direct impact of the mumps virus on meningitis. With the development of the mumps vaccines, this opinion also included the vaccinated people who are considered at risk of serious post vaccinal meningitis. In this article, the author expresses the opinion that these reactions are pathogeneticaly obligated and inevitable, and are due to an inflammation of the choroid plexus, caused, by both virulent and vaccinal strains. The inflammation leads to an enhanced secretion of cerebrospinal fluid, causing an increase in the intracranial pressure and marked meningeal symptoms. On the basis of the morphological changes in the choroid plexus in experiments with monkeys, as well as on the clinical symptoms of meningeal reactions in vaccinated children : rare, in a mild form, shortlived, and without any consequences, the author believes these reactions to be forms of meningism, not of meningitis.