За мен

Inga Mandac Smoljanovic, MD, PhD, is Internal medicine and Hematology attending physician at Clinical Hospital Merkur in Zagreb.

She is the Head of stem cell transplant and intensive chemotherapy unit .

Prim Mandac Smoljanovic graduaded from School of Medicine at the University of Zagreb in 2004, after receiving the Dean's award for the best student in 2004.

From 2004. to 2006. she was junior research associate at Institute of Pharmacology at School of Medicine, and in May 2006 joined the clinical faculty in the Division of Hematology at Clinical Hospital Merkur where she continues her clinical practice. 

She became board certified in Internal medicine in 2010, and hematology in 2013. During the hematology fellowship programm, she spent 6-months as visiting physician and hematology fellow at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.
Her research interest are myelodysplastic syndrome and microRNA as noninvasive diagnostic and prognostic  biomarker, lymphoproliferative disorders, chronic leukemias.  

Dr Mandac has given many invited lectures at domestic and international meetings and has authored numerous abstracts and scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. She is a teaching assistant at School of Medicine in Zagreb and senior lecturer at the University of Applied Health Studies in Zagreb.

She is the member (and treasurer) of the  Croatian Society of Hematology, Croatian Medical Chamber and European Hematology Association and PI of EUMDS.

She is experienced hematologist in many phase II and III clinical trials since 2006.


Head of stem cell transplant and intensive chemotherapy unit
10000, Zagreb, Хърватия,